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Why Do Mobile Apps Fail, and How Can You Ensure the Success of Your App?

Why Do Mobile Apps Fail And How Can You Ensure The Success Of Your App

In today's digital era, we are witnessing a massive surge in the number of mobile applications. Several new mobile apps are being launched almost every other day. However, every application doesn't receive the success its developers hope for. Almost 80% of mobile apps can’t survive the first year of their launch! Yes, you read it right.

When it comes to launching your mobile application, understanding the digital landscape and the ever-evolving customer’s expectations is the key to success. If you cannot do so, your app will get lost in the sea of failed mobile development projects. Fortunately, we are here to help you out!

This blog post will underline the top reasons why most modern-day mobile applications fail to make it to the finish line. We will also tell you about the key strategies you can implement to ensure that your app experiences success that most couldn’t. So, let’s roll!

Top 5 reasons why mobile apps fail and to avoid them

Mobile apps have become an integral part of our everyday lives. There is a mind-boggling number of mobile applications present out there that are trying to achieve success every minute of every day. There are more than 2.9 million mobile applications on Google Playstore and over 4.7 million apps on the Apple App Store.

Yet, most of them fail to retain their users. According to reports, around 77% of mobile apps lose users within the first three days of being downloaded. Here are the top five reasons why this happens and how you can avoid them and ensure the success of your app.

1. Poor understanding of your target audience

Properly understanding your target audience is imperative for designing a successful mobile app. Working on an app idea while neglecting the people you are designing it for will not give you the desired results. Different users have different requirements. An app designed for fitness enthusiasts wouldn't have the same features as a dating app, right?

Developing your mobile app without researching your target audience is like flying without a map. There is no way you will reach your destination.

The solution:

The best way to overcome this issue is by allocating enough time for validating your app idea and then analyzing it against different audience segments. This will give you a clear idea of who your audience is, and you will be in a better position to address their needs.

2. Mediocre design

A poorly designed app cannot retain its users for long, especially when several other alternatives are available. An app with confusing navigation, subpar interface, and ambiguous design is destined to be doomed. As per reports, 80% of gaming apps fail because they are poorly designed.

The solution:

Prioritize your app’s design and focus on simplicity and elegance. Hire an experienced team of UX designers who can enhance the usability of your mobile app. Ensure a smooth user interface, simple navigation, and top-notch audio and visual elements.

3. Lack of good user experience

At the end of the day, your users decide the destiny of your mobile application. So, if your apps fail to fulfill and please their needs, they won’t stick with them for long. Factors like slow loading, extensive registration process, or poor graphics negatively affect the user’s experience and can even result in them deleting your app.

The solution:

When it comes to a mobile application, improving your users’ experience is the key to success. Follow the best UI practices to boost the functionality of your application.

Do not offer a massive number of unnecessary features as it also degrades the quality of your app. Focus on providing only the necessary features. Provide regular updates and ensure your application doesn’t take long to load.

4. Substandard marketing and advertising strategy

Another reason most mobile apps fail to make any significant impact in the market is because of poor marketing and advertising strategy. With millions of applications available today, you need something that can help you stand out. And that’s where advertising comes into play!

How you market and promote your application can be a game-changer for you. Unfortunately, most developers only focus on the design aspect of the application and ignore the marketing part.

The solution:

Good marketing is the only way your app can reach its potential users. So, your team must devise a proper pre-launch and post-launch marketing plan beforehand.

Use power channels like social media and email to boost the reach of your app. Your goal should be to ensure that your target audience is aware of your application's existence and how it can solve their problems.

5. Ignoring users’ feedback

Finally, ignoring your app users’ reviews and feedback can also fail your mobile application. Your customer reviews give you a chance to improve your application, eventually boosting your ROI. Unfortunately, more than 42% of app developers don’t prioritize user feedback.

The solution:

No app is perfect or free of errors. So, if your users complain about your app’s features, you must pay attention to them. Regularly monitoring your customers’ feedback and taking swift action is the key to success here.

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