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Video Production Trends to Know in 2022

Video Production Trends To Know In 2022

The popularity of video content has exploded in recent years as high-speed internet connectivity has become accessible to the masses. So, when it comes to marketing your brand in 2022 and beyond, you simply can't do without video content. However, when marketing your brand through videos, you need to keep video production in mind. Well-produced videos can work wonders to attract consumers to your business. On the other hand, videos that lack production value can detract consumers.

To excel at video production, you need to know the latest video production trends. In this article, you'll get to know about the biggest video production trends in 2022. So, read on and know how you can excel at video marketing and put your brand ahead of the competition.

1. Recording on smartphones

There was a time when most people thought that video production would be a distant dream without high-end video-recording equipment. However, those times are well and truly gone. These days, people are increasingly using their smartphones to record videos and increase brand exposure. Modern-day smartphones, even budget options, come armed with multi-lens setups that facilitate high-quality video recording.

Sure, it may not be comparable to a video recorded on a DSLR setup. However, with a few tweaks during post-production, even videos shot on smartphones can look stunning. Even though smartphone use for video recording purposes is mostly preferred by individual creators, their success on platforms such as TikTok and YouTube should inspire businesses to use smartphones more. At the end of the day, it's cheaper and the results can be quite effective.

2. Live video

In 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic raged around the world, live events were brought to a standstill. However, things eventually got better because of live video, and it's set to stay as one of the most potent forms of video marketing for the foreseeable future. Right now, live video is being used not just by influencers and artists but also by big businesses.

Compared to pre-recorded video content, live video generates way more engagement. The success of live video has led many prominent names to incorporate live streaming features. For example, you can stream live videos on Facebook and YouTube - two of the world's biggest social media platforms. Live video gives you the opportunity to connect to your audiences in real-time, which is something that you shouldn't take lightly at all.

3. Vlogging

Vlogs have been perfected by influencers, but there's no reason for brands to shy away from them. The biggest advantage that vlogging has over other forms of video is that it tells authentic stories based on real-life experiences. The authenticity of vlogs can provide the insights that audiences want, which is why vlogging has become part and parcel of various niches - from travel to food to sports and beyond.

Vlogging hasn't just outperformed text, it has also started to do significantly better than other types of video content. However, there's a major challenge when it comes to vlogging - you need to keep recording continuously for extended periods. So, you'll need to ensure that your recording gear is adequately charged. You may also need to carry additional batteries depending on where you're recording. Quite simply, the more recorded content you have, the more creative opportunities you'll get during the editing process.

4. Stories posts on social media

Stories-type posts first became popular on Snapchat. Now, they're everywhere - from Facebook to Instagram and more. These temporary posts, which disappear after 24 hours, continue to generate more user engagement than other types of posts. They're also more casual compared to other posts, which is great for engaging audiences without getting too serious about stuff.

While Stories posts were initially all about images, they've evolved and now, video Stories posts are also being published by both individual creators and businesses. You can also pair Stories posts with polls and other interactive features that encourage your audience to participate. Many businesses are also encouraging their respective audiences to tag them in their Stories posts, which can be incredibly effective at increasing reach and exposure through user-generated content (UGC).

5. Videos optimized for search engines

You can now optimize videos for search engines as well - not just text and images. For instance, search engine optimization (SEO) has become one of the biggest trends on YouTube. Typically, YouTubers include target keywords across the titles, tags, and descriptions of their videos. As a result, Google can rank videos for search queries as well, and generally, optimized videos tend to do better than web pages in terms of their rankings.

In addition to keywords, Google's algorithm also takes into account various other metrics such as thumbnails and user engagement. So, before you publish a video, make sure that its thumbnail has some text that clearly describes what viewers can expect. Also, encourage followers and subscribers to like your videos and comment across all of them to drive up user engagement, giving your videos a better chance to rank.

6. AR and VR videos

Even though AR and VR video content was rising in popularity, it was still quite far away from the mainstream. But that's slowly changing with both AR and VR tech becoming increasingly accessible. Both technologies are quite potent at promoting interactive video content and creating detailed virtual experiences. The education and healthcare sectors have benefited immensely from AR and VR, and soon, the technologies are set to simulate in-person experiences as well.

Big businesses are already leveraging the technologies to their advantage. As the technologies become more affordable, smaller businesses will inevitably get in on the act as well. You can find numerous online resources to educate yourself on how AR and VR are being employed to great effect by businesses.

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