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Top 10 Web Designs That Will Rule the Roost in 2022

Top 10 Web Designs That Will Rule The Roost In 2022

Your website is the powerhouse of conversion

Much of your business's ability to convert potential leads into actual customers depends on the design of your website. This is particularly true in today's era of digitization, which is driving consumers to the virtual space. As such, a website is no less than a digital business card that informs consumers about everything that you have to offer to them.

Creating a good website—the one that enhances user experience, upholds security, and engages visitors—is certainly not a piece of cake. You need to stay abreast of the latest trends to be able to create value for your audience. If you are clueless about what to do, then you have come to the right article.

Below we bring to you a few web designs that are likely to be huge phenomena amongst designers in 2022.

1. Slavery Footprint

It's inspiring to see a non-profit organization fighting against modern-day slavery making an impressive statement through its web design. Slavery Footprint launched on September 22, 2011, engages individuals, businesses, and communities to generate awareness against the social ills of modern-day slavery. Although developed almost a decade ago, its website considered the needs of future users. The responsive design, easy usability, clear interactivity, and eye-catching design elements make their website deserving of a spot on this list.

2. Simply Chocolate

The next one on this list is Simply Chocolate, a renowned Danish chocolate maker who has set the bar really high in 2017 for present-day web designers. They created a website that contained dedicated web pages for every chocolate variety they sold. As you scroll from one product to the next, you will fall in love with the striking visual richness and consistent branding adopted by them. It strikes a chord with visitors by creating an immersive and engaging experience without going overboard.

3. Zillow

If you are looking for your dream home, then the real estate website Zillow is where you should be. However, the virtual real estate marketplace has risen to popularity also because of its award-winning website design. The feature-rich, aesthetically appealing, and highly functional development of the website certainly makes it count amongst the best web designs to come up in recent times. It uses flat color, a minimalistic approach, and attractive illustrations to create a usable, navigable, and accessible layout. From providing useful information to knowledge to professional help, you can truly count on the website.

4. Active-theory

As a tech company creating digital experiences, Active-theory's approach to website design in 2018 was bold. Nonetheless, it deserved the award, given how rich its website is. Incorporating a dynamic website design with water-effect animation, high-quality images, and striking typography, the website is the epitome of brilliant design. The navigation is seamless, and the visuals will increase the duration of your session on the site. Truly, this website design is hard to ignore and serves as a benchmark for designers to follow in 2022.

5. Nomadic Tribe

Landing on the website of Nomadic tribe is nothing less than refreshing. No wonder it bagged an award in 2019. The website is a prominent example of how designers can leverage the latest web design elements to create a memorable experience for visitors. The moment you open the website, you will find interaction, illustration, out-of-the-box navigation, and storytelling ushering you in for an immersive experience. It creates a lovely poetic journey using visual codes and 3D graphics to give the feel of a compelling comic book.

6. Diana Danieli

If your clientele is from construction or interior design, you can certainly look to Diana Danieli's website for inspiration. The website won the 2019 Webby Award for its extraordinarily appealing website design. The furniture, construction, and interior design brand leverages the eyeball-grabbing power of the black-and-white theme. Their website contains wonderful imagery of art and engages visitors with a cursor-cascading effect. The soothing piano music and audio certainly please the senses of visitors. The creativity is par excellence, and it certainly deserves a spot on this list.

7. Bruno-Simon

The online space is brimming with creative web design ideas, but the website of Bruno Simon—a Paris-based creative developer—is something you can't afford to miss out on. It's quirky and artistic in a very distinct way, drawing your attention the instant you open it. They use 3D visual art on their homepage that creates the effects needed to keep you hooked. The website revolves around a car game created by combing standard technologies and physics. It's an amazing portfolio site that has succeeded due to its sheer interactivity and experience.

8. Locomotive – Swab the World

Locomotive is working on a noble cause to create awareness about stem cell donation. The organization hopes to diversify its global bank soon. However, the website's design is something worth appreciating. Each design element of the website is meticulously used to create the desired impact on visitors. The combination of teal and umber colors catches the attention and appeases the visual senses of visitors. Furthermore, the moving balls boost visual interest and allow visitors to see the website in its fullness.

9. Alan Menken

Another portfolio website on this list that will rule the roost in 2022 is that of Alan Menken, the legendary composer behind some of the most loved Disney songs. The website is a sheer reflection of his poetic and musical love, becoming one of the few websites that capture the imagination of visitors. You can find the composer's oeuvre along with his biography in a highly interactive format. The collection of his famous compositions comes alive through the minimalist and clean interface—something that takes visitors back in time to the good old days.

10. RESN – i-Spy

Last but not least, you can check out Hei-Hei, a New Zealand campaign's website, which has become a great destination for children. It's a digital take on the beloved I-Spy books, but it's surely a fun design. You can take inspiration from the way they have brought together information and imagination in one frame. The website perfectly taps into the spirit of the place and creates a game-like, fun entrance into the park. With its immersive design, the website enlivens the digital world for little souls. But it's truly an inspiration for adult, tech-savvy web designers of 2022.

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