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2022’s Best Mobile App Design Tools

2022s Best Mobile App Design Tools

With technology developing at an exponential rate every day, the usage of mobile apps has increased more than ever. Almost everyone around us is a smartphone user these days. Statistics suggest that in 2022, almost 84% of the world’s population will use smartphones. With this massive surge in smartphone users, the demand for mobile apps has also increased.

There is a mobile app for almost everything, from ordering daily groceries to job hunting and paying bills. Most businesses have adapted to the digital era and developed user-friendly apps to provide the best services to potential customers. Believe it or not, the quality of these mobile apps is a whole new parameter for competition between businesses. App developers and businesses are constantly looking for newer and better design tools for apps. This article will explore the best design tools for building mobile apps.

Best Design Tools for Mobile Apps

Here are some of the best design tools for mobile apps in 2022.


Thrust is a design agency that provides a unique blend of good looks and excellent functionality. As one of the best design agencies for mobile apps, Thust strongly believes in the idea that a mobile app must be not only visually enticing but also user-friendly.

Defining features of Thrust

  • Thrust is focused on understanding the details of your business and subsequently helping develop and design an app.
  • The apps they develop are designed to facilitate the workflow of businesses and deliver an impactful user experience.
  • For more than 20 years, our designers have been designing glitch-free, intuitive mobile apps that facilitate better communication.
  • They have experience in building various applications such as digital music composition apps, social travel apps, career social platforms, news platforms, and workflow platforms.

Thust is aware that the execution of an idea can make or break the audience’s trust in a brand. Some features that make Crafted stand out in the app designing industry are native app design, API integration, quality assurance, and the best-in-industry marketing services. Thrust aims to create mobile apps that sync with the client’s original ideas and translate the same into a simple, seamless, and user-friendly experience.


Sketch is a simple yet powerful UI/UX design software, unlike Adobe Photoshop, but for application prototyping. The software has wireframes and prototypes for different kinds of mobile apps. It has numerous UI-centric features such as layout settings, layer and text styles, responsive grid lines, etc. The software also allows users to create avatars, icons, and other design elements that can be saved for later use. You can make any design alteration per your needs and revert to their previous versions if needed.

However, this software comes with a few cons as well. This software is not great at supporting real-time previews on iOS and Android devices. Moreover, Sketch has to be combined with other tools like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to edit photos.


This is a prototyping and vector graphics editing tool. It is compatible with Google Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox. Figma’s primary focus is a real-time collaboration between app designers and specializes in UI/UX designs.

Figma lets you apply advanced transitions in your apps with its Smart Animate feature. It also allows you to scale your designs for any screen dimensions. Moreover, your team members can use your designed components from the published libraries. The only con of this software is that it has limited resources like icons or components. The Figma community is still relatively small.


Simplicity and its fast working are two of the most defining features of Mockplus. It is rich in mobile app interface designing components and icon libraries. It can help in designing apps for both iOS and Android devices. Mockplus lets you switch between Designs and Prototypes with a click and then drag wires between different components (artboards, pages, etc.) to transform your wireframes into interactive prototypes. Interestingly, this software lets you import designs from other platforms like Figma and Sketch.

Mockplus provides easy mobile testing through a simple link and helps you adjust or scale your vision to fit any screen or layout. However, being a browser-based software, it requires great quality network devices.

Adobe XD

It is a vector-based user experience design tool. Adobe XD offers quick solutions to design, prototype, and share user interfaces. Hassle-free switching between designs and prototypes is a defining feature of this software. Like most other software, it is compatible with iOS and Android devices. However, certain features like Repeating Objects still have glitches.

Why choose Thust?

Thrust boasts a well-knit, experienced team that stays hands-on from start to finish. They focus on the client’s specific needs and deliver tailor-made apps based on the client’s concepts and original ideas. No aspects of design or development are outsourced at Thrust. Thrust guarantees 100% high standards and quality for every project.

Utilizing the appropriate tools is always necessary to achieve the aims of user-friendly mobile designs. There are many solutions available on the market, but you must consider their features and advantages. These tools should help with idea generation, planning, communication with developers, animation creation, and information exchange with the design team. You can save time and create a polished mobile app with the appropriate tools.

App design Services

Thrust possesses the best-in-industry designers that can help you get the best mobile app for your business.

Thrust is a cost-effective agency dedicated to building excellent mobile app experiences for any business. It builds user-friendly applications that are a unique blend of style and functionality.

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